Edgewater NJ Real Estate

Edgewater NJ Real Estate – Edgewater NJ Homes for Sale
Edgewater NJ Real Estate – Edgewater NJ Homes for Sale
WalkwayEdgewater is a small borough in Bergen County, New Jersey just across the Hudson River from upper Manhattan. With less than a square mile of total land area formed into an irregular oblong shape, the borough is tucked between the mighty river and the towering Palisades cliffs. The local population has grown tremendously in recent years as an influx of immigrants from Asia and Latin America has encouraged the development of the last remaining parcels of open Edgewater NJ real estate. Today, the borough’s population exceeds 11,000 and is mainly concentrated in modern townhouses, condos, low-rise apartment buildings and cozy single-family homes lining leafy side streets.
ParrotsIn addition to its burgeoning immigrant community, Edgewater is popular with young families looking for convenient access to Manhattan without its high cost of living. Edgewater NJ homes for sale enjoy high visibility thanks to the borough’s central location within the region. The borough is well-connected to the nearby city and the rest of Bergen and Hudson Counties by a robust transportation network that includes regular ferry service and River Road, a major local thoroughfare. There are five shopping centers lining this road within Edgewater’s borders, attracting shoppers from across the river and throughout Bergen County, making the area something of a regional retail destination. Edgewater Town Centre, at the borough’s northern end, is the most upscale of these, with a Whole Foods and other luxury retailers.
The borough was not always the way it is today. In 1894, the value of Edgewater NJ real estate skyrocketed with the completion of a railway tunnel through the Palisades, connecting the borough with the rest of northern New Jersey. The early 20th century saw its southern section almost completely industrialized, growing to house the manufacturing and distribution facilities of such corporate heavyweights as Archer Daniels Midland, Alcoa and Valvoline. Edgewater’s industrial heyday lasted until the 1950s, at which point residential real estate developers began systematically replacing the factories with apartment and condo developments.
Today, some of the most valuable multi-family Edgewater NJ real estate is located on former industrial land, with breathtaking new buildings jutting out into the river to offer panoramic views of the majestic New York skyline and the rugged Palisades. The northern section, meanwhile, has remained quieter and more consistently residential, with an existing stock of single-family homes and duplexes on small lots. The borough is also divided east to west by River Road, with more established families who have called Edgewater home for several generations living in the older buildings to the west of the road and newer families taking up residence in condo developments to its east.
Now that Edgewater NJ homes for sale are attracting interest from New York-area families, the borough’s education system is expanding rapidly. It is still home to just one elementary school, and local high school students must attend Leonia High School, outside the borough’s limits. Going forward, this may change as the area’s demographic makeup changes and Edgewater real estate becomes more attractive.